A scholarship foundation to celebrate restoring wood bison to Alaska

Our Mission

Our mission is to honor the return of wood bison to the Alaskan landscape and to acknowledge the dedication and perseverance of Randy Rogers and the countless other men and women who made the restoration project a success. We provide scholarships to people with extraordinary talent who can demonstrate that the return of wood bison will do at least one of the following: Inspire students to gain training in an aspect of wood bison conservation; enhance their community, or impact their professional development.

About Randy Rogers

Randy Rogers, ADF&G wildlife planner and intrepid champion of the Wood Bison reintroduction program passed away in 2013 after a courageous battle with cancer. Randy was a quintessential team player. He treated all points of view fairly and with respect. We honor Randy by remembering that he never took his eye from the prize. He worked tirelessly for many years to ensure Wood Bison would one day roam Alaska and that all people who helped with this historic reintroduction and all Alaskans would reap the benefits.