The Randy Rogers Wood Bison Foundation is a scholarship foundation to help young people learn about and contribute to wood bison conservation, management, tourism and other related fields. We need your help!

Wood bison were reestablished in Alaska in 2015 when the Alaska Department of Fish and Game relocated 130 animals to the Innoko River drainage near the villages of Grayling, Anvik, Shageluk and Holy Cross. Twenty eight groups of local residents and other Alaskans sent representatives to develop a Management Plan* to ensure that the bison herd would continue to flourish and provide benefits to people of the state. Included in the Plan was reasonable access to private land for a reasonable fee.

When the herd expands, wood bison conservation will offer eco-tourism and hunting opportunities. The land owners agreed that collected fees would be placed in the Randy Rogers Wood Bison Foundation and be used for scholarships. It will be a few years before land use fees will amount to a lot of money. Meantime we want to help as many young people as possible to launch them toward a career that involves wood bison. We welcome your generous donations to help that cause.

*Full text of the Management Plan can be found here.